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2 months ago
Are you enjoying Bytevid platforms?



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14 days ago
Has anyone other than me and many other people wonder about all the exes all the sudden. And then we're going to have the Great American eclipse to make some X right over Carbondale basically where I'm living at in Illinois. Does anyone think there's some symbolic meaning to this or something big about to happen? Because a lot of people feel this way including myself. They wouldn't be using all these exes on everything if it was no significance to it. Are they referring to planet X who knows which is known as nibiru did you destroy your planet warm wood in the Bible planet of the crossing it's
21 days ago
So much news to pass along. First, ALL of our businesses have been rolled into one now, you can find everything at JYD757 on Bytevidsocial.com. Second, so many people reach out to us to help them with their small business advertising, that we had to push back The Rule Breakers till week 3 of this month. And lastly, thanks to some amazing feedback and support; Wes has been working hard to make JYD757 one of the most ICONIC names in the advertising and marketing industry. Upgrading his services and furthering his education to bring out the best work possible. Thank you all!
2 months ago
We created each of our OG's an MP4 video showcasing their 1:1 NFT card and sample of the upcoming E-book "Rule Breakers: Igniting Freedom" with the exclusive first look at our new "Rule Breakers" E-Book cover to show our appreciation for supporting My First NFT Group, Break Da Rules Digi Shop and JYD757_PRODUCTIONS. If you're an OG that has not received your badges, Jan 9th-12th will be your last deadline to send us your background pic.
2 months ago (E)
We will be creating our storyline for The Rule Breakers on Bytevid Pixel. If you have not followed my page yet, you will be missing out on some amazing things. Here is some ALPHA, this is BDRDS class 6 Top Tier known as "Chaos" that you will only see here first, we will be selling 5 others of this quality at $100 each on secondary market and 5 others for My First NFT Group Members at 500 FRT each. More details will come out here on our ALPHA CHANNEL!! Presenting Break Da Rules Digi Shops exclusive "Chaos" Rule Breaker.
3 months ago
We just posted today that SoFi is closing its doors to Crypto come 12/19/23. So here are some alternatives we found in this helpful link.

4 months ago
Our special 5th Sunday Sing is this Sunday! Plan to join us for for this fun night of song, sword drills, and popcorn preaching followed by our Birthday Fellowship. Bring your favorite sweet treat to share with others. Hope to see you there! chapelstreetbaptist.com/choir #sing #5thSunday #ChapelStreetBaptist
6 months ago (E)
Like as a father pitieth his children, So the LORD pitieth them that fear him.
Psalm 103:13

When a parent sees the struggles their child has or negative consequences of poor decisions, their may be a slightly apathetic mentality of "I told you so", but I don't think a single good parent doesn't feel bad that the child is having said problems and wishes them to be gone. This is the implication of how God pities (H7355; רחם/râcham). He doesn't desire anyone to go to hell (2 Peter 3:9), and it pains Him to have to send them there in order
7 months ago
But he answered and said, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.
Matthew 4:4 KJV

Jesus is being tempted by the devil himself to commit sins. This is the first, to satisfy his hunger after not eating anything over 40 days and nights in the Judean desert. The hunger, and by extension exhaustion, would be extreme at this point. The temptation to give into His bodily need for nourishment would have been equally severe, but Jesus set an example for resisting temptation by using scripture
9 months ago
We are pleased to announce that we have set aside 250 FRT for the top three winners of the UNO game. The first-place winner will receive 125 FRT, while the runner up and third-place winner will bag 75 FRT and 50 FRT, respectively. The most remarkable aspect of this game is that there is NO BUY IN, and all players stand an equal chance to win big.

In keeping with the spirit of the game, we encourage all participants to drop a creative and amusing UNO MEME in the comments below, which will earn YOU 5 FRT per person. But hurry, as the raffle for 25 FRT on this post will be drawn on Friday!
10 months ago (E)
JYD757 will be taking ETH/MATIC/USDC and SOL later as payments for work he does. Here is the digital wallet:


(copy the wallet if you would like to send listed funds to wallet)

If your more comfortable using $CashApp you can send funds to:


We are taking these funds to grow our company JYD757-PRODUCTION and Break Da Rules Digi Shop so we can continue to give our community what they need from us.

Business inquires: Please send email to:

10 months ago
Come and checkout our apocalyptic billboards for your next idea. You can advertise your business or promote an event using a cool scene. We are selling them for 5 FRT, 50% of the funds go right into My First NFT Group. Hope you enjoy the scenes. If you need help setting up the billboards to promote your brand or business. Just reach out to JYD757 on Bytevid Social and he can give you a great price and have it done quickly.
10 months ago
Who is ready for our new 5 FRT A.I images using Intelligent mind? We have a TON of them and we want to share only the best with our community. In due time we will have our Crypto wallet up and you can buy our NFTs using ETH/MATIC/USDC, our new site will have it linked and you should have no problems connecting as we will have our OpenSea link on the site. Here is what we have now for 5 FRT coming to Bytevid Social.
10 months ago
🔥🔥So you want to know what a Crypto Wallet is? Well join My First NFT Group, we like to educate and help you on your way to buying crypto and NFTs. We have raffles and giveaways for some added fun and Break Da Rules Digi Shop will get you started slowly by selling you some product that will only cost your FRT. Did you know your already have a Crypto wallet using Bytevid Social? FRT is the native token and is only valuable to members on Bytevid Social Platform, if you go to Marketplace and pick up some of our "NFTs" for 1 FRT token then you just did your first Crypto transaction. 😁🔥
10 months ago
We are on Whisper now fam!! Break Da Rules Digi Shop is going to being using this a lot, LFG!!!🔥🔥🔥

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